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SBSD is dedicated to enlightening, exciting and educating students in dance.


We strive to provide an enriching, nurturing, and supporting learning environment emphasizing the importance of technical training. Motivating our students to passionately develop their performance and technical skills, for the purpose of them becoming their very best, is our number one goal. We appreciate your trust in our commitment and our talents by allowing us the opportunity to serve you. 

Established in 1976, owners Sioux Duddy and Jeri Sutter have managed Step By Step Dance since 1997. 


Step By Step Dance is located within the RB Swim & Tennis club and includes two large studio rooms (each room is over 1500 sq ft) with mirrors and floating wood floors. Two easily accessible parking lots provide ample parking and the waiting area includes outdoor patio and a playground. The studio is conveniently located with Starbucks, Albertsons, and other local eateries within walking distance!

Step By Step Dance puts an emphasis on dance education offering instruction in ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, hip-hop, pre-dance, combination class, acro & more. SBSD (formerly RB Dancers) has been providing quality dance instruction to the community for over 40 years!



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RB Location

16955 Bernardo Oaks Drive
at RB Swim & Tennis Club
San Diego, CA 92128


14530 Espola Rd Suite B Poway, CA 92064 *located between Kings Craft & North County Soccer Park


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This special 45 minute class is designed specifically for our very youngest two and three year old dancers!  Through many songs, dances and creative movement experiences, our young dancers will learn to listen, follow directions, take turns and work cooperatively in a dance class setting. Utilizing both imaginative creative movement songs & games as well short simple structured lessons, children will learn about rhythm, tempo, directional movement, spatial awareness, balance, creative expression as well as specific pre-dance steps and skills in both ballet & tap. Intro to PRE-DANCE students learn and perform oneroutinein our annual June show.


Designed for 3-5 year olds, pre-dance classes are typically 45 minutes in length and include instruction in ballet, tap & creative movement (can include pre-jazz in some 4-5 year old classes).  Dancers learn and practice the seven loco-motor movements; walking, running, hopping, jumping, skipping, galloping and leaping that are such an integral part of all dance.  Imagination is encouraged as young dancers explore concepts of space,  rhythm , tempo and movement in many fun and creative ways.  Basic ballet, tap and jazz steps, as well as associated terminology, are  taught and practiced in many fun ways throughout the dance season. PRE-DANCE students learn and perform one routine in the annual June show.


Combination classes are one hour in length and most appropriate for 5-7 year olds. Students in a COMBO class will learn a wide variety of ballet & tap steps, as well as some basic jazz, throughbarre work, progressions across the floor as well as center combination work.  Students in combination classes learn one routine (most typically ballet or tap) to perform at the annual June recital. COMBO classes are an excellent next step for students moving up out of our PRE-DANCE program and also perfect for the 6-7 year old beginner student looking to experience multiple genres in their first and/or second year of dance.


Intro to Ballet is designed for young students, typically 5.5-7 years old, who are not quite ready for the strict discipline of a more traditional ballet class. Students are introduced to all the components of a traditional Ballet class, including barre work, stretching, center floor, progressions and combination work, however,  the atmosphere in an introductory class will continue to embrace an environment that still includes dance games and creative movement activities. INTRO to BALLET students learn and perform one ballet routine in the annual June recital.


When a child is 7 or 8  they may enroll in Ballet class at Step By Step dance. Students enrolled in Ballet class typically attend either once, twice or three times a week, depending on their level and/or teacher recommendation.   Each class includes barre work, center floor, progressions and combination work with a focus on learning not just the steps and skills, but the associated terminology as well. BALLET classes are designed to train dancers in the art & discipline of BALLET. BALLET classes that meet twice a week are technique based classes and students do not perform a routine in the annual June show. Students in BALLET classes that meet once a week do learn and perform one ballet routine in the annual June recital.


Jazz classes are typically offered to students 6 yrs and up, though occasionally a 5-7 year old Jazz class is offered, however, five year old students must have approval to enroll in a full hour jazz class.  Jazz classes include a warm-up, center floor technique, progressions and combination work with a focus on learning not just the steps and skills, but also the associated terminology. Jazz classes include a focus on body alignment, conditioning, flexibility, rhythm, musicality and style. Students interested in taking Jazz class are encouraged to also enroll in Ballet. Students in Jazz classes learn and perform one Jazz routinein the annual June recital.


Tap classes are typically offered to students 6 yrs and up, though occasionally a 5-7 year old Tap class is offered, however, five year old students must have approval to enroll in a full hour tap class. Tap classes include warm-up, center floor technique, progressions and combination work with a focus on learning not just the steps and skills, but also the associated terminology.  Students in tap class learn to use their feet to create sounds and rhythms as they dance.  Good quality Tap shoes are recommended for the best results. Tap students learn one tap routine to perform in the annual June recital.


Hip hop classes are offered at Step By Step dance beginning at age 6.  Hip Hop for 6-8 year olds is a 45 minute class. All other Hip Hop classes are 1 hour in length.  Most Hip Hop classes include a warm-up, and may include progressions, but some more advanced levels move immediately into combination work. Hip Hop is an upbeat urban style of dance that is forever evolving. Classes focus heavily on musicality and rhythm.  Students in Hip Hop classes perform one routine in the annual recital.


Students who are at least 8 years old and have the appropriate amount of previous dance experience, in both ballet & jazz, may enroll in Lyrical and/or Contemporary at Step By Step dance. In some instances concurrent enrollment in Ballet is also required.  Both Lyrical & Contemporary dance combine the elements of ballet, jazz and modern which is why previous dance experience is so important.  Lyrical/Contemporary classes begin with a warm-up and may include center floor technique and/or progressions as well as combination work. Students learn one routine to perform in the annual June recital.


Strength & conditioning is a workout class designed to help dancers increase their body strength, stamina and flexibility.  Strength & Conditioning also teaches dancers about the mechanics of their body as it relates to dance technique. Athletic tennies are required for S&C class.


Acro is a tumbling class. Students learn a variety of tumbling skills and tricks and advance to harder tricks as they demonstrate the strength and readiness to do so. Acro students learn one routine, which includes both tumbling and dance elements, to perform in the annual recital


PT stands for Performance Team and these classes are open to students only through an audition process. Students are invited to audition when they meet the requirements for an open audition or when they receive a recommendation from one or more of their instructors. PT students must train a minimum of 6 hours/week with most PT dancers training between 12-18 hours weekly. Performance Team students are also required to attend a minimum of 3 weekend convention/competitions each dance season (requires travel).  Attendance standards are strict for team dancers and the level of required commitment including time, energy and finances is high for team dancers and their families! Team dancers perform in their community between 2-5 times each season, attend ALL scheduled SBSD rehearsals & many extra practices throughout the season as well as performing in two shows for the studio's annual recital in June.  PT students are DANCERS committed to TRAINING to be their very best, individually and as members of their competitive teams.


Cardio Hip Hop is a one stop, high powered, fierce and efficient full body workout engaging both the body and the mind. The class uses a variety of hip hop based dance moves to burn calories, produce sweat and pull out that inner swag you have always wanted to release publicly but weren't quite sure how to do it. New combinations every week! No dance experienced required. 

2019-2020 Student Registration

Adult Registration


DROP IN rate is $15 per class & must be paid by check or cash on the date class is attended.

ADULTS may purchase class packages as follows:

            4 classes $54 ($13.50/class)

            8 classes $96 ($12/class)

           12 classes $132 ($11/class)

           24 classes $240 ($10/class)

Class packages expire 1 year after the date of purchase.


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